It’s Funny How Beautiful


It’s funny how beautiful the world looks this morning
In the glow of a love as ancient and inevitable as the rising sun
The day after a show, or something equally profound,
Hums and crackles with a renewed belief in the ability
Of ideas and passions to share their strength
Across times that share no dates
Between people who have not met
And paths that do not cross


We carried your love across the oceans of night
Through the land of dreams
Just to plant your flag in the soft soil of this morning


Long may she wave


Strong is the New Pretty

I ran across this book in Grand Central Terminal. The image through the window of bookstore caught my eye. I haven’t read Kate T.  Parker’s book and take no issue with a celebration of girls being themselves. But…

I miss the old pretty. Strength and beauty each have their purpose but of the two it is beauty that has the higher value. Strength is often useful but there is such a thing as being too strong, of not knowing your own strength. Beauty is never out of place. Like kindness it has permanent worth. As Keats would be happy to tell you, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”


I’m not saying girls shouldn’t be taught the value of strength but girls and boys should both be taught the superior value of beauty. We want our daughters to be as confident as our sons but we should be careful not to be creating the type of assholes that more men than women have become, drunk on power and ignorant of the sanctity of beauty. And let’s never tell anyone there’s something wrong with being pretty.