Tag: beauty

  • It is hard to quantify beauty

    Beauty is hard to quantify I wouldn’t want to if I could It would take away all the joy and mystery and grace and other things not found in words or numbers

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  • It’s Funny How Beautiful

    I It’s funny how beautiful the world looks this morning In the glow of a love as ancient and inevitable as the rising sun The day after a show, or something equally profound, Hums and crackles with a renewed belief in the ability Of ideas and passions to share their strength Across times that share […]

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  • Strong is the New Pretty

     I ran across this book in Grand Central Terminal. The image through the window of bookstore caught my eye. I haven’t read Kate T.  Parker’s book and take no issue with a celebration of girls being themselves. But… I miss the old pretty. Strength and beauty each have their purpose but of the two it […]

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