What is love?

Twenty-nine years ago today the law finally caught up with us after a decade on the lam. The commitment forged by my love for Nancy, and hers for me, became a legally binding one in the time-honored ceremony known as marriage. We made our declarations in front of our dear family and friends, and askedContinue reading “What is love?”

Happy Blogiversary

My name is Mike, and I’m a blogger. Two years ago today me and the Words & Music staff (I hope to have it tattooed one day) first dipped our wick in the blogosphere. One of the things I’ve learned blogs do best is making lists, and anniversaries are a good time to look backContinue reading “Happy Blogiversary”

The Love of You – Mike’s Musical Monday (Anniversary Edition)

Twenty four years ago today I married my best friend. Not to be crude (OK, to be crude), as John Lennon said of Yoko Ono, “It’s just handy to fuck your best friend.” For 34 years now (including the decade we were together before we got married), this handy relationship has been the foundation ofContinue reading “The Love of You – Mike’s Musical Monday (Anniversary Edition)”