One night only…

Please note that this post will remain at the top of my blog until the show. Scroll down for more recent posts. For one night only – Sunday, September 22 – you (yes, you) can experience a show that is a little different from other shows you’ve seen. I hope you will come to theContinue reading “One night only…”

I Have To Say

This song, like John Lennon’s Woman, is addressed both to the specific woman I’ve built my life around, and to all individuals of her gender. This feels like a moment for me to be quiet and do some listening. I’ve already heard everything I Have To Say. In another similarity with Beatle John, my compositionsContinue reading “I Have To Say”


You’re holding something delicate Butterfingers Try not to lose your train of thought Butterfingers Remember why you picked her up Butterfingers Don’t you ever let her drop Butterfingers Time is what it always was It just feels different because You don’t have as much left You don’t have as much Cross your legs and hopeContinue reading “Butterfingers”