My Amputated Love

My amputated loveStill makes small animal noises but now They’re an unpleasant kind That wake me up before the sun Perforate my eardrums Then whispers words that I can’t hear My amputated love Puts on war paint and drinks too much Of everything, not only booze Pulls up a barstool next to mine Asks meContinue reading “My Amputated Love”

Spontaneous Erection

It was my first spontaneous erection in a while. I had been following her for a long time before I turned to see her coming up behind me. I watched the long early-morning shadow of her bike creeping up the sidewalk, getting closer all the time. She stopped alongside me and, putting one leg onContinue reading “Spontaneous Erection”

Like Footsteps and Glances

  Voices float, cross, melt, fade, and dissolvelike footsteps and glances Recognition sparks, jabs, irritates, and overwhelms like hunger and desire Breezes whisper, cling, insinuate, and ruffle like memory and forgetting Shadows fall, stretch, deepen, bite, and swallowlike animalsand passion Light imposes, hints, confronts, argues, and conquers like birth and death Time creeps, crawls, flies,Continue reading “Like Footsteps and Glances”