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  • Surrender

    I wrote this song in the lead-up to the latest war in Iraq. It felt strange to me that rather than being exhorted to war with rally cries we were being lulled with assurances we would be greeted as liberators in a quick and easy war. Now that bigotry and moral cowardice are back in […]

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  • We’re Not The People

    The year was 1987. Or maybe it was 1989. Something like that. I had an acoustic guitar, a 4-track cassette recorder and, best of all, some astounding companions, compatriots, and co-conspirators. We wrote and recorded this song in the living room of one of these fine people. The ones going:ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah The lovely ladies in the […]

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  • They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Mike’s Musical Monday

    I wrote this song in 2010 while I was with Late Model Humans but I never recorded it with the band. I swiped a little of Ira Gershwin‘s lyrics (in red below) from the song of the same title that he wrote with his brother George. The world is filled with burning towersBroken hearts and […]

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  • Little Pink Shoes

    I played this song last night at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. I wrote it last summer; it was the first song I wrote after quitting Late Model Humans. It’s called Little Pink Shoes. Any time she hears bad newsShe just puts on her little pink shoesAnd this world of decayTurns into one she can […]

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  • Remember, This Is Supposed To Be Fun

    This is a reggae-ish twist on the song Fun that I wrote and recorded with Late Model Humans last year for our album Ain’t No Good. Remember thisRemember thisRemember this is supposed to be fun Just ask any little boyLife is meant to be enjoyedAnd sometimes it makes sense to lose your mindTo be a […]

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