The Reveries

Contrary to popular opinion, talent is not god-given. Nothing against the supreme being but talent is the result of dedication to craft and the five members of The Reveries have obviously done the hard work it takes to become talented. Last week at Arlene’s Grocery they put those talents to good use. The last timeContinue reading “The Reveries”


In 1939, as the followers of Hitler and Mussolini were spreading their cancer across Europe, Henry Miller left his adopted home of Paris to visit a friend in Greece. He wrote The Colosssus of Maroussi in an attempt to translate his Greek experiences into words. Tonic Reading Henry Miller is a tonic for everything thatContinue reading “Collossus”

Review: What’s So Great About Art Anyway?

  If teaching is an art form, then teaching art must be its masterpiece. Rachel Branham makes a compelling case for the benefits of art education in her graphic memoir, What’s So Great About Art Anyway?.Choosing the graphic novel format to tell the story of her “Teacher’s Odyssey,” Branham perfectly illustrates the benefits of visualContinue reading “Review: What’s So Great About Art Anyway?”

Review: The Nicholas Roerich Museum

“When humanity is possessed by the devils of malice and mutual destruction, every token of affirmativeness and mutual help is especially valuable.” Nicholas Roerich. On the north side of 107th Street, one building east of Riverside Park, stands the Nicholas Roerich Museum. The house is its own work of art. Paintings and artifacts decorate theContinue reading “Review: The Nicholas Roerich Museum”

Review: Regina Spektor at Radio City Music Hall

“This is how it worksYou’re young until you’re notYou love until you don’tYou try until you can’tYou laugh until you cryYou cry until you laughAnd everyone must breatheUntil their dying breath”  – Regina Spektor   Regina Spektor’s show at Radio City Music Hall last Saturday was unique in a number of ways. For one thing,Continue reading “Review: Regina Spektor at Radio City Music Hall”