Observations – Track 1

Track 1 – It Ain’t No Good To Me In which my old bandmate from Racy Dates, Nancy, comes out of retirement and nails her part in one take. I have sung with a lot of people over the years but never enjoyed any of them more than her. There is something special about singingContinue reading “Observations – Track 1”


Music is magic Each song is its own magic spell Some of us are more susceptible than others to this form of magic and most of us are more likely to fall into a trance under certain types of spells – jazz, country, hip-hop, classical, blues, rock – while other types have no effect. InContinue reading “Observations”

Music 101: Origin Story

The music of our lives begins with the beating of our hearts. One day it will end with the final beat. Since everything has its beginning, I wondered: when did music start? Was it invented or discovered? Music has been around for so long that it cannot be traced back to a specific time. ItContinue reading “Music 101: Origin Story”

Century Old Visions: Sound and Vision

Around the same time that photography was revolutionizing the way we see ourselves, sound recording was doing the same for our ears. They say that Abraham Lincoln had a squeaky voice that might have made him unelectable.  We’ll never know.   On April 9th, 1860, in Paris, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville made the earliest recordingContinue reading “Century Old Visions: Sound and Vision”