Three Hundred Sixty Five

365 days ago I walked out the door forThe last timeAnd took the elevator down to the streetWe never really said goodbye  365 days have passed without a mealOnly a couple of snacksBriefInconclusiveLacking the necessary nutrients to feed a growing hunger 365 times the sun has come upWith you in my mindBefore I even hadContinue reading “Three Hundred Sixty Five”

Your High-Wire Act

Watching you negotiate your mundane existence is like watchingA performer on a tightrope:FascinatingFrighteningBreathtaking Such otherworldly balance and poiseSuch easy fearlessness How do you do it?It must have come at an early age,The fires that forged your steelThe earthquakes that trained your stepsThe weakness that made you strong I wonder sometimes if you ever regret learningContinue reading “Your High-Wire Act”

The Ocean of Time

No bridge can span the ocean of timeNo numbers can measure such distance I don’t trust memoryAnymore Perception is distorted throughThe prism of experience Through the blood we left behindThrough the sawdust and the seawaterThrough the storms that never endThrough the steady, lonely heartbeat ofThe dog who’s had his day And the cat who’s satisfiedContinue reading “The Ocean of Time”

I Talk to You the Way Other People Talk to God

I talk to you the way other people talk to GodIn silenceInside my head Hidden from the rest of the worldWith no expectation of response I talk to you with memories that I believe we share  Of little things: A kickball A piece of sushi A street sign A melody   I experience you theContinue reading “I Talk to You the Way Other People Talk to God”