The Only Thing That Makes Sense

I can’t read right now. The words keep tripping me up, obscuring the meaning of the thoughts they are meant to convey with their clumsy syllables and pronunciations. The trees do a better job of making meaning plain. They create oxygen to boot. I can’t hear the music. It’s too loud. Obnoxious fingers attack strings andContinue reading “The Only Thing That Makes Sense”

The Best Way To Get Old

  Who’s to say why peopleDo the things they do?Say the things they say?Feel the things they feel?Who’s to sayWhat’s the best wayTo get old?I’ve lost exuberanceBut I’ve gained perspectiveI’ve lost staminaBut I’ve gained perseveranceI’ve lost strengthBut I’ve gained fearlessnessI’ve lost yearsBut I’ve gained precious daysI lost anger and I gained hopeThen I lost hopeContinue reading “The Best Way To Get Old”