Tree Jealousy

How long can a man goOut of sync with his species?What has value for othersIs worthless to meAnd what has meaning for meFalls on deaf earsEven the strongest connections are becoming frayedI don’t recognize my heartMaybe the problem supersedes speciesMaybe I need to see beyond the kingdom of animals  If I could be a treeContinue reading “Tree Jealousy”

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

It doesn’t matter anymoreWhy it was done, or howBright red is splattered everywhereMixed with chunks of flesh and boozeEventually it goes down the drainAnd gets washed out to sea It doesn’t matter anymoreThe deed cannot be undoneThe memory cannot be forgotThere’s only so much tears can wash away Angry voices yell and tellWho to blameContinue reading “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”

Now That It’s Over

Now that it’s over I want to let goMemories burn like a flame through the snowIt doesn’t feel like it was so long agoMemories torture as only they canBroken hearts rattle like rocks in a can It’s hard to imagine you’re even a manWhen that used to be all you could know Somebody said thatContinue reading “Now That It’s Over”

I Savor The Pain You Cause Me – Circling The Drain

Dizzy and down, feeling that sickly centripetal pull, circling the draindon’t let my weight pull you downI would walk to your door, kneel down on your floor, and beg you to take pity on me if pity was the medicine I needI don’t need foodI don’t need water I don’t need airI don’t need words WhenContinue reading “I Savor The Pain You Cause Me – Circling The Drain”