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  • Review: John Singer Sargent Portaits of Artists & Friends

      John Singer Sargent was the top portrait artist of his age, an age when photography and impressionism were having profound impacts on the visual arts. He combined realistic detail with an emotional depth that still resonates and can be experienced at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through October 4. The subjects for his portraits […]

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  • Christmas in Oneonta

    When I was 19 I moved to Oneonta in upstate New York. In the Mohawk language, Oneonta is believed to mean “place of open rocks” but the people who live there now call it “the city of the hills.” Either way, it’s a beautiful place to spend a few years. The winters are long and […]

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  • Self-Portrait

    “It gets worse the older that you get There’s no escape from the state of confusion I’m in.” – Ray Davies It must be hard for even an egotist to look too closely at his face in the mirror, and I’m no egotist. Some people find it helpful to ask another to take a hard […]

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