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  • Day 52

    Day 52 – Total confirmed cases in US: 1,205,138 On Sunday I went for a walk in the woods of Inwood Hill Park. It was the first time I left my building since March 16, except for two quick trips to get supplies. The park at the northern tip of Manhattan might be the least […]

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  • Day 51

    Day 51 – Total confirmed cases in US: 1,180,634 I have never felt so trapped as I did a few days ago. The walls started closing in and it got harder to breathe. It felt like no choice I acted on could make any difference to my circumstance. Even time, which brings all things to […]

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  • Day 44

    Day 44 – Total confirmed cases in US: 988,490 On the one sunny day we had recently I took a plate of fruit out on my terrace and painted this: It might be an academic question at this point, but, is “still life” a redundant term these days?

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  • Day 37

    Day 37 – Total confirmed cases is US: 787,960 There are places Outside of space That I never leave There are moments Outside of time That never leave me

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  • Day 34

    Day 34 – Total confirmed cases in US: 706,830 The hoofbeats of the horseman of pestilence continue pounding in my ears so I do what any sensible person would do: stay inside and turn up the music… It has been more than a month now since I’ve had face-to-face interaction with any member of the […]

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