Maiden of the Spring

    The sun comes up The rain falls down Time calls for you We looked so hard  We couldn’t see I reached for you When you were beyond reach I knew you  When I didn’t know myself I called  When I had no voice I chose you  When I had no choice I sawContinue reading “Maiden of the Spring”

She Comes To Me

  She comes to me in silent dreamsWhen there’s nothing to sayShe comes to me in whispersThat take my breath awayShe comes to me with questionsWhose answers break my heartShe comes to me with nothingThat becomes a work of artShe comes to me in memoriesAs brittle as old boneShe comes to me with lonelinessThat won’tContinue reading “She Comes To Me”

Like Footsteps and Glances

  Voices float, cross, melt, fade, and dissolvelike footsteps and glances Recognition sparks, jabs, irritates, and overwhelms like hunger and desire Breezes whisper, cling, insinuate, and ruffle like memory and forgetting Shadows fall, stretch, deepen, bite, and swallowlike animalsand passion Light imposes, hints, confronts, argues, and conquers like birth and death Time creeps, crawls, flies,Continue reading “Like Footsteps and Glances”