I Dreamed Of You Again Last Night

I dreamed of you again last nightI kind of wish I didn’t nowI kind of wish I didn’t knowThat kind of wishI think about you too much stillAnd wonder if I always willI wonder if something can killThat kind of thoughtA hole keeps growing in my heartThat eats away the living partAnd makes me feelContinue reading “I Dreamed Of You Again Last Night”


My brains don’t work like others do The same thing goes for my heart too Enough enough enough enough Of all this repetitious stuff Overheated conversations Character assassinations Horrible communications Calcifying observations Suffocating obligations Nullifying occupations Cancerous considerations Unintended aggravations Unconvincing explanations Overcooked imaginations Misunderstood meditations Incorrect interpretations Overcrowded isolations One-sided collaborations Questionable motivations ImmoralContinue reading “Enough”

Hearing things

In whispered conversations I hear sibilant fragments of curses and blessings and mundane dreams In faraway hollering I hear the ache of unrequited love In solitary footsteps I hear a lifetime of disappointment pushing its weight down from the shoulders, through the knees, to the balls of tired feet In murmuring that echoes off marbleContinue reading “Hearing things”