Marie Jeannotte Enger – Rest In Peace

People die Of course We all will But the loss of some people is harder to take than others. To a child, the world is filled with a confusing array of people – those who are like us are called kids, and those who are not like us are called adults. Then there are peopleContinue reading “Marie Jeannotte Enger – Rest In Peace”

Phyllis Sachs (1930 – 2017) "Lev Tov"

A teacher said to his five students: Go out and see which is a good path for a person to attach himself to. The first said “Ayin Tovah” (a good eye). The second said “Chaver Tov” (a good friend). The third said “Shachen Tov” (a good neighbor). The fourth said “One who foresees the outcome (of his actions).” The fifth,Continue reading “Phyllis Sachs (1930 – 2017) "Lev Tov"”

Robert Devito – Rest In Peace

I was 19 or 20 when I met Bob. He came to visit my friend Terry at the house we shared off-campus in Oneonta. Bob was older than us and, if not wiser, certainly more experienced than we were and not shy about sharing the benefits of his experience. Maybe that’s what wisdom is. HeContinue reading “Robert Devito – Rest In Peace”