They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Mike’s Musical Monday

I wrote this song in 2010 while I was with Late Model Humans but I never recorded it with the band. I swiped a little of Ira Gershwin‘s lyrics (in red below) from the song of the same title that he wrote with his brother George. The world is filled with burning towersBroken hearts andContinue reading “They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Mike’s Musical Monday”


My mother-in-law died last month and I’m thinking of her on this first Mothers Day without her. The character in this song sounds pretty despicable, unlike my mother-in-law, pictured above, who was never anything but wonderful to me. Still, it’s a great song by Ernie K-Doe. Mother In LawMother In Law The worst personContinue reading “Mother-In-Law”

Little Pink Shoes

I played this song last night at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. I wrote it last summer; it was the first song I wrote after quitting Late Model Humans. It’s called Little Pink Shoes. Any time she hears bad newsShe just puts on her little pink shoesAnd this world of decayTurns into one she canContinue reading “Little Pink Shoes”

Too Old to be Too Young to Die

There’s nothing wrong with getting old. The alternative, obviously, is dying before you get old, which sounds great in a rock’n’roll song but kind of sucks for the people gathered around your casket. I’m too old now to be too young to die and there’s something to be said for reaching that milestone (even ifContinue reading “Too Old to be Too Young to Die”