CitySketch – Roscoe Conkling

Roscoe Conkling was a Republican back when that meant being a supporter of the rights and dignity of African-Americans. He was also a believer in temperance and didn’t drink or smoke. The only vice he seemed to enjoy was having sex with married women. He was mayor of Utica before becoming a US Representative andContinue reading “CitySketch – Roscoe Conkling”

CitySketch: Textile

The Textile Building, on Fifth Avenue between 30th & 31st Streets, was built in 1920. Five and half million people lived in New York City at the time. On January 17 of that year the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution went into effect stating “the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, theContinue reading “CitySketch: Textile”

Catskills Sketchbook #3

There’s a lot of magic left in this world. There’s magic in love of course, and in religion if that’s your kind of thing. There is magic in the first words and steps of an infant, and in an old man’s dying breath. There are magic people (I’m looking at you), magic words, and magicContinue reading “Catskills Sketchbook #3”