Three Hundred Sixty Five

365 days ago I walked out the door forThe last timeAnd took the elevator down to the streetWe never really said goodbye  365 days have passed without a mealOnly a couple of snacksBriefInconclusiveLacking the necessary nutrients to feed a growing hunger 365 times the sun has come upWith you in my mindBefore I even hadContinue reading “Three Hundred Sixty Five”

I Talk to You the Way Other People Talk to God

I talk to you the way other people talk to GodIn silenceInside my head Hidden from the rest of the worldWith no expectation of response I talk to you with memories that I believe we share  Of little things: A kickball A piece of sushi A street sign A melody   I experience you theContinue reading “I Talk to You the Way Other People Talk to God”

Two Hearts Beat As One

“Say I’m a fool, you say I’m not for youBut if I’m a fool for you that’s something” I saw U2 at the Garden Monday night and was reminded again of how similar a rock concert is to a Christian mass. Bono – following in the footsteps of singers like Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis,Continue reading “Two Hearts Beat As One”

An Open Letter to the Moon

Dear Luna, First, thank you for the light you’ve brought to my life, especially during some pretty dark times. I shudder to think how black my nights might have been if you weren’t there. You don’t have the brilliance of the sun. In fact, some people think of you as nothing but a pale reflectionContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Moon”