In A Heartbeat

A life flashes, a life fadesA life goes off like a hand grenadeA life is broken, a life is madeIn a heartbeatIn a heartbeat I knewThere was no forgetting youBut if you want I’ll pretend toIn a heartbeatIn a heartbeat I’ll makeThe unforgivable mistakeGive me your hopes and watch them breakIn a heartbeatIn a heartbeatContinue reading “In A Heartbeat”


All of us have moments of doubt, crises of faith or confidence that throw our hopes into disarray. Fortunately, there are graces – love, beauty, humor – that lower ropes into our pits of despair. For me, and maybe for you, one of the sturdiest ropes is music.The only thing better than those ropes isContinue reading “Daffodil”

Toast and Malagueña

Ernesto Lecuona Malagueña was written in 1928 by Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona as the 6th movement of his Suite Andulucia. Although it was written for piano it became a guitar standard after it was arranged for that instrument by Carlos Montoya in 1961. One day I was working on this wonderful melody at the sameContinue reading “Toast and Malagueña”

Demo: They Were Together

He was a good man trying to be strongHonest as the day is longBut you could see where he was going wrong She was a good woman to keep in mindYou won’t see many of her kindYou’ve got to be quick or you’ll get left behind They were together every dayThey were together every wayTheyContinue reading “Demo: They Were Together”