Scurrying: FHOP (Fictional Humans of Paris) #1

Paris was fascinating, profound and enlightening, everything you’d expect from the City of Lights, but it was not relaxing, and relaxation was the thing Martine needed most of all. She was overworked, like most of her contemporaries, and underappreciated, like most females. She held the world at arm’s length for fear of it overwhelming herContinue reading “Scurrying: FHOP (Fictional Humans of Paris) #1”

Joe & Skirl: An Introduction

Skirl lived in a state of near-perpetual ecstasy. Whenever he tried to pinpoint the reason for this elevated state of mind he returned to the same thought: he couldn’t find a reason to not be ecstatic. He felt tired sometimes, or hungry, or sore, but nothing could dent the impenetrable wall of joy he’d builtContinue reading “Joe & Skirl: An Introduction”

The Piano & The Process

Process wasn’t something Joe thought a lot about. What the process used to involve was sex or, in lieu of a partner, masturbation. Something to clear the mind. Then a hit or two, never more, of some decent street weed. Something to float on. Then, sometimes, stretching. Especially once he got old enough to feelContinue reading “The Piano & The Process”

Third Time’s The Charm – Fictional Humans Of New York #5

The first time Jim tried to kill himself was in the summer of 2008. He swallowed an entire container of Tylenol and washed it down with a bottle of gin. When he woke up he wished more passionately than ever that he was dead. He stumbled to the bathroom and asked the moron in theContinue reading “Third Time’s The Charm – Fictional Humans Of New York #5”