Fictional Humans of New York – Hungry Jack

I don’t like this new hunger. Not that the old ones were great, but better the devil you know, you know? I prefer it when my body hungers for those things that are necessary for its survival rather than feeding appetites that are, lets face it, better left unfed. You know what happens to hungersContinue reading “Fictional Humans of New York – Hungry Jack”

Fictional Humans of New York – Alice

Alice was terrified when Joey told her he was going to Iraq. He might just as well have told her he was going to try jumping off the Empire State Building to see if he could fly. When he was a little boy he was always saying things like that to her, trying to scareContinue reading “Fictional Humans of New York – Alice”

Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY) – Me and Claire

I have incredible taste in women. It’s a rigid taste though, restricted and discriminating. So much so that I’ve hardly ever felt Cupid’s arrow. That’s a good thing, too since I’m particularly susceptible to pleasurable sensations, no matter how bad they sting.   I spent so many years hiding from myself that it’s quite aContinue reading “Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY) – Me and Claire”

Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY) – Danny & Amy

Danny sometimes thought he’d be better off if he’d never met Amy. The sentiment never lasted long. His life would be simpler if it hadn’t intersected hers. He would know a contentment that was impossible now. But he never would have looked into her eyes or seen her smile and that thought was too horrificContinue reading “Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY) – Danny & Amy”

Flash Fiction Friday – Janie’s Dad

The moment was on them before they had time to give it the consideration it deserved. Something had to be done. The status quo was untenable. Janie’s automatic reaction to change had always been resistance but this time around she recognized its inevitability and embraced it as heartily as she was able. The old manContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – Janie’s Dad”