Fictional Humans of NY – The Actor

In the first place, the actor looks nothing like me. But even if he did, I’m just not buying the performance. I don’t really act like that, do I? If I did, who would have anything to do with me? Maybe he’s doing some kind of subtle method acting that’s going over my head.Maybe he’sContinue reading “Fictional Humans of NY – The Actor”

Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY) – The Early Bird

If I just keep moving….Which way am I facing? West? If I keep moving westward, I’ll eventually fall off a cliff, or drown, or circumnavigate the globe. Or get tired and quit before I realize any of those lofty ambitions.I could go east…just to be contrary. Eastern philosophy suits my state of mind. It’s gentler.Continue reading “Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY) – The Early Bird”

Fictional Humans of New York – Liam

“That was your first mistake You took your lucky break and broke it in two Now what can be done for you?” Paul McCartney – Too Many People Sure, I’m a misanthrope now, but I wasn’t always like this. I generally liked people, and most of them seemed to genuinely like me. I was interestedContinue reading “Fictional Humans of New York – Liam”

Fictional Humans of New York – Jasmine

Jasmine blamed herself. That was her default position. In her mind, it was her excitement at having a boyfriend, after such a long lonely time, that made her laugh too loudly, and too freely. She was showing Robert a video on her phone, to see if he thought it was as funny as she did,Continue reading “Fictional Humans of New York – Jasmine”

Fictional Humans of New York – Leslie

Leslie was a pilgrim. She traveled thousands of miles to reach Mecca, which in her case was Brooklyn. She came from a humble home on the other side of the murky mountains, forests, and fields, clad in penitential garb, with tribal insignia printed on her skin. She came with her barest possessions: notebooks, the brokenContinue reading “Fictional Humans of New York – Leslie”