Killing Christina – Part 2

I tried telling myself lies about her: She’s an idiot. She’s unstable. She’s not that beautiful. The charms of her smiles, her thoughts, and her scents have no effect on me. But every lie was so foul that it made me sick to pretend they were true. I tried imagining parallel realities where we neverContinue reading “Killing Christina – Part 2”

Victor Hugo and the French Aesthetic

I have long admired, even loved, the French but I don’t think I ever quite understood why until I read Victor Hugo. Their commitment to liberty inspired two revolutions – America’s and their own – that created the best of the world we live in today. They are more responsible than anyone for the evolutionContinue reading “Victor Hugo and the French Aesthetic”

Uncle Kurt

Of all the people in the world who I don’t know personally, there is no person who has had a more profound and long-lasting impact on me than the author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. His novel Slaughterhouse Five is one of the first novels I read and whenever I am asked to name my favorite bookContinue reading “Uncle Kurt”