Even Further Adventures of Joe & Skirl – Flash Fiction Friday

The small round lights above the stage provided neither warmth nor illumination. The crowd, such as it was, supplied only indifference, which was preferable to hostility but vastly inferior to the adulation Joe felt was his due. Joe saw two options:1. Plow through their performance2. Slip out the back door when nobody’s looking Skirl sawContinue reading “Even Further Adventures of Joe & Skirl – Flash Fiction Friday”

Lost and Found

Hot off the presses (and computer screen) comes my contemporary novel of love Lost and Found. “It was a nightmare. It had to be. What else could it be? Alan’s body was broken and bloody. The bones that hadn’t been ripped from his skeleton were snapped like twigs. Something large, machine or animal, had attackedContinue reading “Lost and Found”

The Further Adventures of Joe & Skirl

Joe hated the name Peggy because it was his mother’s name. One of his more specific social malfunctions was the inability to hide his disgust when he was introduced to a Peggy. In the throes of drug-induced paranoia, Joe sometimes accused Skirl of seeking out Peggys, just to torment him. Skirl, to his credit, neverContinue reading “The Further Adventures of Joe & Skirl”

Scurrying: FHOP (Fictional Humans of Paris) #1

Paris was fascinating, profound and enlightening, everything you’d expect from the City of Lights, but it was not relaxing, and relaxation was the thing Martine needed most of all. She was overworked, like most of her contemporaries, and underappreciated, like most females. She held the world at arm’s length for fear of it overwhelming herContinue reading “Scurrying: FHOP (Fictional Humans of Paris) #1”

Joe & Skirl: An Introduction

Skirl lived in a state of near-perpetual ecstasy. Whenever he tried to pinpoint the reason for this elevated state of mind he returned to the same thought: he couldn’t find a reason to not be ecstatic. He felt tired sometimes, or hungry, or sore, but nothing could dent the impenetrable wall of joy he’d builtContinue reading “Joe & Skirl: An Introduction”