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  • The Morning Commute

    I We waited, some more patiently than others of course, for the yawning chasm to open up and swallow us again. The guy next to me, in reference to the presentation of a nearby woman, said, “it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.” Maybe his imagination is not as good as mine. In fact, I’d […]

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  • Monday Is Chore Day

    I I walked for a long time shifting the box from shoulder to shoulder, feeding it through doorways and windows and leaving it with someone who should know better. I got in my car and I drove to the place where the slaughterhouse ends and the garden surrenders to the street. I rolled on the […]

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  • Beverly Was Off Her Meds Last Night

    I Beverly was off her meds last night while we perused the parade of paradoxes. Now she can see it all, shiny and clear, the teeth dripping blood and the hidden escape route down the long valley and into the trees. II Beverly was off her meds last night and she wanted the whole world […]

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  • Listening to Janis on my way home

    I They tore down the mountains and crushed them into pathways where souls wander and flash and shine their eyes at me on my way home. The pieces of plastic inside my skull bring me the sound of the bluest voice in the world. Yours. A voice that cuts through sirens and breaks more than […]

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  • I Should Have

    I I should have walked over the water to the island where first contact was made with the alien people. I should have put plastic into my skull and listened to copper and larynx and air. Instead I found answers that had been all used up, incapable now of any meaning. The answers I found […]

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