The Christmas Trigger

  For a lot of people, this season is not the jolly one that it is supposed to be. Songs and movies that give comfort and joy to many, pull a decidedly nasty trigger for others. It is no coincidence that suicide rates rise during the holidays. The days are as short as they getContinue reading “The Christmas Trigger”

Silver Bells

Jay Livingston and Ray Evans – both Jewish – wrote one of my favorite Christmas songs. They also wrote Mona Lisa and Que Sera Sera, among others, mostly for movies, and won three Oscars for original song. They were originally calling the song Tinkle Bells until Livingston’s wife Lynne told him that tinkle was aContinue reading “Silver Bells”

The Christmas Lyrics Poem

  Let’s hear those sleigh bells ringingDo you hear what I hear?Please have snow and mistletoeWhere the treetops glistenIt’s up to your knees out thereOn a cold winter’s night that was so deep Jack Frost nipping at your nose Laughing all the way Tidings of comfort and joyWe won’t go until we get someLet yourContinue reading “The Christmas Lyrics Poem”

In the Bleak Midwinter

“The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.” Humans have been aware of the winter solstice since at least the stone age and built monuments, like Stonehenge, designed to align with the solstice sunrise and sunset. There’s something about this particular time of the year, when day is shortest and night is longest, that brings outContinue reading “In the Bleak Midwinter”