Submission Accomplished

It is an understatement to say that we are living through strange and stressful times. I know that I am not the only one who finds solace in music. I have been burrowing through old Brazilian music and appreciating the subtler beauties in melodies from Joni Mitchell to Taylor Swift.

It always bothers me to hear someone say that music used to be better. Great music is always being made, you just might need to work harder to find it among the inundation of current streams. Luckily for all of us, there are people like Darryl Sterdan, who run blogs like Tinnitist and wade into those streams, panning for gold. I am honored that he included my latest album, Observations, in his roundup of “great finds.”

Follow the link to listen to some new music from me and 8 other artists who are shining their light into these dark days.

It’s Gonna Take A Miracle

There are four days left in the term of the worst president in American history. While the nation reels from the worst healthcare disaster in a century, festering due to the lethal combination of his lack of interest and incompetence, our chief executive is spending his final days in office collecting money from his fellow criminals seeking pardons and pushing through more federal executions in the past six months than America has conducted in the past six decades. It’s all about priorities

Believers in the big lie – that elections in the United States are not free and fair, that they are tainted by massive voter fraud, and that the 2020 election was stolen – are calling for armed protests across the country and at the Biden/Harris inauguration. What could possibly go wrong?

Yet, the glimmers of hope are starting to shine a little brighter in the darkness. I know three people who have received the vaccine, and two more who have their appointments on the calendar.

Time will tell if we have reached a tipping point. Maybe the next four days will not be soaked in blood. Maybe the next four years will mark the beginning of a new era for our country and world, one built on the truth and (do we dare to believe?) love. It’s gonna take a miracle. If we have learned anything in the last 244 years in this country, it’s that miracles do happen.

Loving you so
I was too blind to see
You letting me go
But now that you've set me free

It's gonna take a miracle
Yes, it's gonna take a miracle
To make me love someone new
'Cause I'm crazy for you

Oh, didn't you know
It wouldn't be so easy
You letting me go
I could have told you that

It's gonna take a miracle
Yes, it's gonna take a miracle
To make me love someone new
'Cause I'm crazy for you

Oh, now I know I can't forget about you
I'm gonna try to show how much
You're turning me around, destroying me
I'll never be the same anymore

You must realize
You took your love and left me
Quite by surprise
You can be sure that now

It's gonna take a miracle
Yes, it's gonna take a miracle
To make me love someone new
'Cause I'm crazy for you

Plague Diary – Day 299

Total confirmed cases in US: 21,901,084

Today is December 40, 2020. When I ended my plague diary on May 9, the US had just passed the million case mark. We now have twice as many cases as any other country on Earth. More people are dying each day in America than were killed on September 11, 2001 and the plague is not even the top news story because on January 6, 2021 we suffered the greatest terrorist attack on our country since 9/11.

The failures are massive. The plagues are running rampant – not just Covid-19 but right wing terrorists are attacking our country with the assistance of Republicans in our Congress, by our law enforcement agencies, and by our president. A Big Lie has taken root with millions of Americans – angry and looking for scapegoats – that the election of 2020 was plagued by massive voter fraud. It was not.

The lack of evidence of voter fraud and the rejection of baseless lawsuits by judges across the political spectrum does not matter to people who want vindication for their bigotry. The real evidence that does exist – of catastrophic global climate change, of police brutality against black Americans, and of the devastation of covid-19 itself – is considered “fake news.”

Hope – that thing with feathers – is getting harder and harder to find.


In light of the attack by right wing terrorists yesterday, Americans need to stop spreading lies that are feeding this delusional mob and damaging our republic.

These lies can no longer be tolerated by any who consider themselves patriotic Americans:

1. Donald Trump won the 2020 election 
2. There is massive voter fraud in America 
3. Police brutality is not a problem in America 
4. Institutional racism does not exist in America 
5. Barack Obama was not born in America 
6. Hillary Clinton had people killed 
7. Antifa were behind the January 6 terrorist attack on the Capitol 
8. Climate change is a hoax 
9. The pandemic is a hoax 
10. The vaccine contains a tracking microchip 
11. There is a cabal of pedophiles run by George Soros, Democrats, and Hollywood liberals 

And the mother of them all: 
12. The right wing is more patriotic than the left wing
 I’ll be worn, I’ll be torn
 I’ll be lounging on my lawn
 When the coming insurrection comes to get me
 I’ll be at peace, be at ease
 I’ll be in my stocking feet
 When the coming insurrection comes to get me
 A rebel in my youth, always searching for the truth
 Lashing out at the world around me
 Now it’s Insurrection
 I see Insurrection
 There’ll be Insurrection all around me
 I’ll be sweet, I’ll be complete
 I’ll be watching my TV
 When the coming insurrection comes to get me
 I won’t be mad, won’t be sad
 I just pray I don’t get had
 When the coming insurrection comes to get me
 Now in middle age
 I can see through all the rage
 I pray for all the world around me