A Song Without A Melody

Lyrics to a song without a melody
Music to a song that never was
We all go down fighting for a cause

A time for observation and compulsion
Of dragging the show back up to the stage
Of giving up on getting clean
And drinking my way down to New Orleans
You can run but you can't
outrun Mr. Hyde

Falling in love for the last time and
Exhibiting all of the signs
Of a slow and a steady decline

Does anyone know at the time,
or only when they look back,
which time will be their last?

What is it that happens to lovers
When they no longer make love?
What is it that lovers become?

a different path

There is no escaping from problems that we let grow until they are too big to solve without hurting someone.

There is no solution to a puzzle that keeps growing as each generation adds another pile of pieces.

Some questions don’t have answers that are either right or wrong.

Some battles are lost in the moment when you decide to fight.

We can continue on this path, trying to solve our problems by blowing things up, locking each other in cages, and wondering why our problems never get solved, or we can try something different. We can try living up to the ideals we preach so proudly. We can try being less proud, too. A little humility goes a long way these days. Like everything else in an economy built on the valuation of finite resources, humility is precious due to its rarity.

True Love

Thirty-one years ago today I made the “walk down the aisle” that binds one person’s life to another in the eyes of whatever authority sanctions such things in their society. I can’t say it was the happiest day of my life, as ceremonial events ain’t my schtick, but I can say without hesitation that the vast majority of the happiest days of my life have been spent in the company of the woman who made that walk down the aisle with me.

Love is a funny thing. Not necessarily ha-ha funny, but a lot of times it is that kind of funny, too. Love is a word that people apply to their feelings for parents, siblings, friends, children, TV shows, and ice cream, but when it is applied to an object of romantic yearning it becomes something deeper. It becomes a symbol for a depth that has no limit.

There are people who think that true love is something that only exists in fairy tales. Binding your life to one other for the long haul is not for those who want a simple, uncomplicated life. It is no fairy tale.

I have learned from the person I love that, if anything, the fairy tales sell love short.

Our Flag Was Still There

They raised a flag at the construction site across the street. You are not supposed to leave the flag up in the rain or at night without it being lit but I don’t blame them for their ignorance. There’s a lot of that going around. And it is an inspiring sight to see.

It is childish to think of anything as big, old, and varied as the USA as purely good or purely evil. Some of the most courageous and most cowardly acts have unfolded beneath this flag. As hard as it is to believe sometimes, we have continued to move in the right direction, even when we have done it in spite of ourselves.

The traitors and liars who have hijacked one of our two main political parties will die off and take their anti-American views to the cemetery with them. Then America will reclaim our place as one of the leaders of a world that makes top priorities of human dignity, truth, freedom, and equal justice for all.

When that day comes we will have more reason than ever to venerate those who sacrificed their lives – on the battlefield and in the streets – for America.