They are eating the house across the street

They are eating the house across the street
Giant slabs of flesh have already been torn from its skeleton
The destroyers are even now, in the rain and the snow, surveying their plunder

The man with the big white dog died
And the skinny young woman slipped away in the night

The doors and windows that let its erstwhile inhabitants seep into and out of the neighborhood, and nature, will never open or close again


The fireplace where generations of children warmed themselves against the river wind is now a cornucopia of rubble

The rain and snow, at least, are happy
They can finally fall on the walls and floors that were hidden from them, under a terracotta roof, for a century

When they finish eating – too much, too fast – they will vomit up a new structure,
Where beauty is forbidden,
And the only yardstick left to measure with is greed

Villa Rosa Bonheur (1924-2020)

Season of Women

IMG_4673I don’t know too much
About this new slow season of women
But I’m afraid I’m going to learn
Before I get a chance to catch my breath
The questions that roll over me
like the ocean rolling over an invisible whale
are likely to drown me before I get a chance to swim away

So much harm is done by
people who mean no harm

When this season passes
as seasons always do
there will be no brooms or shovels
capable of cleaning up the mess of me
nor flashy wads of cash
to bring back what’s left

Caught by surprise

Picture 010

I have known a lot of people and
It would be easy to say that some were good
and some were bad
but nobody was either.
The worst had good and the best had bad,
had and have and will have again,
over and over and over

I have known a lot of passions
and scrapes and scars and the eyes of stars
falling down the rabbit hole and
finding your love there
all wrapped up in a cloud

I have known a lot of mornings
where the sun never came up
and I remember the first time we stayed up all night
and got caught by surprise
in the infinite sunrise

I have known a lot of dreams
and promises, hopes, and wishes
some unfolded spectacularly
some went off like fireworks
some drowned in their own filth
but most of them still limp along
waiting to be caught by surprise