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  • Life Begins at 40

    Life Begins at 40

    Life does not begin at 40. Neither is 40 the new 30 (or new 50 for that matter). 40 is the same 40 it has always been. It is a nice round number and, as an age, it is as good as any that comes after it, and most of the ones that came before.…

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  • 22,000 Days

    22,000 Days

    Today – on the 22nd day of a month in the 22nd year of a century and a millennium – I am exactly 22,000 days old. That is a lot of days. Some dates stand out for their joy and beauty: March 2, 1981…June 9, 1990…August 26, 1995…August 6, 2022 Others stand out for their…

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  • When I Found Her

    When I Found Her

    When I found her She was hanging on the side of a cliff I held her hand as long as I could But time and pressure took their toll And when she slipped out of my grasp I expected her to fall Instead, I floated away

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  • Missing Piece

    Missing Piece

    She needed to take a shower, I remember. We both did. Not together, even though I would have enjoyed that. It would have been a disruption to a relationship that we both worked so hard to make undisruptable. “What it comes down to,” I told her, “is that if there is anything of value to…

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  • Subtle Subversions

    Subtle Subversions

    My first exposure to Microscope Gallery came in 2014 when I attended the exhibit Kissing Point by Peggy Ahwesh. You can read my review of that show here. A lot has changed in the intervening years, including the location of the gallery, that moved from its space in Bushwick to its new home at 525…

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