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  • Flash Fiction Friday – The Story of Bob

    His full name was Wendell Robert Forsythe the fourteenth. XIV. Legend had it that each generation of Forsythes produced exactly one child, a boy, and each had the same temperament, laugh, and sunken eyes. They all started off left-handed; some stayed that way. They all spoke in the same soft, low, slow way and they […]

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  • Find Your Voice

    We all need to find our voice. We listen to our parents (and whoever else is around and talking while we’re growing up) and we learn their language and their regional accents and dialects. But we decide how we want to sound: how loud or soft in tone, how high or low in pitch, how […]

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  • Four Dead in Spuyten Duyvil

    Four people died outside my living room window yesterday. I sometimes use this space for fiction but this isn’t one of those times – I only wish it was. I didn’t hear the crash. It wasn’t until I heard the sirens that I looked out the window and saw the fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, […]

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  • Flash Fiction Friday – The Jumper

                I don’t know why anyone, let alone a beautiful young woman, would get it into their head to think that jumping off a bridge is a good idea. There’s no accounting for taste. If you want to kill yourself I imagine that’s as good a way as any. There’s the whole illusion of flight […]

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  • Vegetarian Thanksgiving

    I picked up a 20 pound turkey and stuffed it in the fridge yesterday. Is it heresy for a vegetarian to not be bothered by that? Birds are different, right? Fish and fowl are not the same as cows and pigs and the other animals our species eats: rabbit, deer, and the occasional reptile or […]

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