Category: poetry

  • Words of Joyce Dancing

    and with the fanciful words of Joyce dancing in my eyes and in my brain only the sounds of heartbeat and breathing are left for attempting to keep myself sane water inside and water outside and water that covers the earth some made for swimming and some made for drinking and some made for drowning […]

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  • Building Palaces

    There is no place now that is safe for my gaze No soft landing for my eyes   Once things turn hard it’s hard to make them soft again   It’s cold enough to crack my lips and fill my lungs with frozen molecules of whatever it takes to build these palaces to winter   […]

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  • The Great Evaporation

    Dark forces want us to believethey can measure our worthwith numbers preceded by symbols of currencyor numbers followed by years Rivers and oak trees they also thinkcan be reduced to equationsand gods require sacrificeand death is more end than beginning But all the power they think they haveis more illusion than factand all of our […]

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  • Bottlecaps and Flagpoles

    I We went to the place where the whale was pretending that she was really a dolphin. Where distance is measured in beanbags and holes, and time is measured in bottlecaps. II We each told the story of how we became the vulnerable creatures we are. We loosened our lips with blue label pumpkins and […]

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  • New Species of Games

    I We went to the place where sins are best forgiven by the passage of time (like every place). Where we felt a strange pride in holding ourselves together against such overwhelming odds. We struggled with strangers almost as strongly as we did with the strangers within. II We cut our words into puzzle pieces […]

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