Category: poetry

  • Your Honor

    Sometimes we walk barefoot into the forest even though there are snakes in the leaves and sometimes some people still call you “your honor” but we know there’s no honor among thieves In the haze of our days when memory falters and the nights hide the loneliest sins We will carry our sacrifice up to […]

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  • Visiting with Jeff

    It’s been a long time since we were together Visiting with Jeff And other old friends in the cemetery Who no longer need wings to fly That old song came on the radio As we rolled slowly through the bones And over in the distance, Through the haze of the incinerated west, Stands the city […]

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  • The Flimsy Net

    Love seems such a flimsy net to catch so much. So many beasts, capable of tearing a man to shreds, get tangled in its soft web. Stories are the only creatures to escape from the net. One tells itself: To love just one, and lose that love, and find it fugitive, hiding from itself, terrified […]

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  • Sit with me for a minute

    Sit with me for a minute Let us catch our breath before the parade of life starts up again Before the crowd comes back between us and all their noise drowns out the beating of our hearts Before we take off one set of masks and replace them with another let us share a naked […]

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  • A Song Without A Melody

    Lyrics to a song without a melody Music to a song that never was We all go down fighting for a cause A time for observation and compulsion Of dragging the show back up to the stage Of giving up on getting clean And drinking my way down to New Orleans You can run but […]

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