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  • Groovy Reviewvy

    Groovy Reviewvy

    Here’s the first review of my new album, Compulsions, from Sinusoidal Music: Mike Power is an ardent singer, songwriter, and bassist from the city of New York. Mike is no stranger to the music scene in NYC and has been around for a long time. Mike is an amazing artist who gains influence from the…

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  • Compulsions 8 – Anything But Love

    Compulsions 8 – Anything But Love

    “The impression that you made was too deep to be mistaken for anything but love.” When I first started talking with Reed about producing this album he asked me for something to use as a reference. I gave him two: Hunky Dory by David Bowie and Electric Warrior by T. Rex. I think this song,…

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  • Compulsions 7 – The Light In Your Eyes

    Compulsions 7 – The Light In Your Eyes

    “You could melt the ice off anyone.” I fell in love for the first time when I was 18. I never fell out. I am still falling. This is the oldest song on the album, written in September of 2020. I was sitting on the porch of a friend’s house at the Jersey shore, noodling…

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  • Compulsions 6 – The Untrained Eye

    Compulsions 6 – The Untrained Eye

    “They can’t see the light that shines inside of you. But I do.” It is the mind’s eye, not the ones in our sockets, that needs training to perceive things clearly. Stevie Wonder perceives things as clearly as anyone. There have always been people who can see the better world we could be living in,…

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  • Compulsions 5- Day Drinking

    Compulsions 5- Day Drinking

    “If your life’s like mine you’re gonna need some day drinking time.” I know I said that the songs on this album are not about the events of our recent history but as the drummer Chris pointed out, this one is. Like a lot of people, my consumption of alcohol increased noticeably during the pandemic.…

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