Category: fiction

  • Killing Christina – Part 1

    Lies are dangerous things. None are more deadly than the ones we tell ourselves. Of all the lies I’ve known there is none worse than the one I told myself about Christina, that she could love me as much as I loved her. * * * Time has its own way of breaking things down. […]

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  • It is hard to quantify beauty

    Beauty is hard to quantify I wouldn’t want to if I could It would take away all the joy and mystery and grace and other things not found in words or numbers

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  • Victor Hugo and the French Aesthetic

    I have long admired, even loved, the French but I don’t think I ever quite understood why until I read Victor Hugo. Their commitment to liberty inspired two revolutions – America’s and their own – that created the best of the world we live in today. They are more responsible than anyone for the evolution […]

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  • Sour expressions…

    He carried an assortment of sour expressions in his pocket, each uglier than the one before, and slapped them across his face at the slightest provocation.

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  • The Event

    Going into the event, of course Joseph would have preferred success to failure but the final verdict on something like that can change over time. The important thing was for the event to take place. There was no way things could continue the way they were. There would be violence and possibly, even likely, war. […]

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