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  • Her Love

    Her love comes from a place of mystery natural, but not of this world She taps her foot in time to a song that only she can hear and cries sometimes at nothing Her love doesn’t live with other love Her love lives alone Sometimes she can see it high in the sky above even […]

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  • If my desire is a dog

    If my desire is a dog I keep it on a leash Or locked up in a rusty cage That barely holds the beast These are the lengths I go to To try and find some peace I’ve taught the beast a few tricks Like how to fetch and beg And balance cold beer on […]

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  • Magic

    In days gone by there was a thing called magic that was not a joke. There was nothing of illusion about it. It was, for a long time, the most powerful force that any of us knew. It did not go away so much as hid its face behind a series of masks that we […]

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  • Day 54

    Day 54 – Total confirmed cases in US: 1,256,972 For my penultimate plague diary, I wrote a diatribe about Trump, his supporters, and the Republican Party, but decided against posting that. And I’ll tell you why… I have been intermittently studying the philosophies of Stoicism and Taoism. They have quite an overlap for schools of […]

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  • Day 53

    Day 53 – Total confirmed cases in US: 1,228,609 For the last couple of months, a boat has been docked in the Harlem River, near my home. It goes out sometimes but always comes back. Yesterday I walked over the Henry Hudson Bridge and did a quick sketch of it from the other side of […]

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