Category: art

  • Awkward as an Angel

    Awkward as an angel who bears the burden of black beauty she turns, unaware of the emptiness that swirls around her lost legs   Legs on which balance the twin curses of comfort and congeniality   She is a solitary saint in a universe of undistinguished souls She is shy and unsure of her shine […]

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  • The Baby Inside Of Me

    I rock the baby inside of me to sleep and tell the world to hush so he can hear the breath of the breeze the crackling of the stars the smile of the moon the footsteps of the clouds the distant roar of a black hole being born and the scratching of the pen that […]

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  • So Like Gravity

    Why should I have all the fun? Such joy shines out from beauty Bright enough to blind a man Without the sense to shade his heart That feeling, so like gravity, lets me know at any time your place and tells me every tale of you that nobody else hears Not even you It keeps […]

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  • We Too

    We too lie in drifts at your feet with folds in our skin deep enough to swallow lifetimes of loose memories Thoughts that are best left unexpressed pressed between our furrows We too float even as we weep carried by air and water and dreams across the fierce boundaries that are guarded by the ghosts […]

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  • On the upper road

      Time doesn’t matter on the upper road It stopped passing a long time ago The children here are descended from trees that wandered down the mountain before there were leaves The forest knows how to make itself still and let the sky come to it The birds know just how to call to the […]

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