Flash Fiction Friday – The 5:22 to Greystone

The lyricism of the conductor’s voice as he says, “this is the 5:22 to Greystone, making all local stops,” was an incredible comfort to Keith after a long day’s work. He liked the sound of it, local stops, and could picture both the stops and the locals. The local train had the soothing advantage ofContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – The 5:22 to Greystone”

A List Of 25 Things You Should Never Do

A List Of 25 Things You Should Never Do:(feel free to print a mirror image and staple to your forehead for ready reference) First, the obvious things you should never do: 1.     Staple anything to your forehead2.     Kill someone3.     Take something that doesn’t belong to you4.     Betray the trust of a loved one (or aContinue reading “A List Of 25 Things You Should Never Do”

Mike’s Musical Monday – (I Wanna) Stick It Out With You

Before Late Model Humans there was Racy Dates. And before Racy Dates there was S&M. S&M was me and Rick Myers. Back then he was called Sal Iva so Sal and Mike made S&M. For reasons that escaped our understanding, Mike was S and Sal was M. In the mid-eighties Racy Dates went into theContinue reading “Mike’s Musical Monday – (I Wanna) Stick It Out With You”

Flash Fiction Friday – The Girl at the Machine

He could see her from the train. She was on the platform, standing at the ticket machine. A glove was hanging from her lips. Her teeth were holding firm to the glove’s index finger. She needed her naked hand for the job, what with the touch-screen and all. The tip of her nose, and aContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – The Girl at the Machine”