Flash Fiction Friday – Mistletoe

 A mutation of evolution had left Alexis without a heart. At least that’s what she told herself. Brandon had turned his off after one too many instances of abuse, both to and from his wayward organ. It was going to take a miracle to get either of them functioning again. She didn’t like him. ThereContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – Mistletoe”

Flash Fiction Friday – The Story of Bob

His full name was Wendell Robert Forsythe the fourteenth. XIV. Legend had it that each generation of Forsythes produced exactly one child, a boy, and each had the same temperament, laugh, and sunken eyes. They all started off left-handed; some stayed that way. They all spoke in the same soft, low, slow way and theyContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – The Story of Bob”

Four Dead in Spuyten Duyvil

Four people died outside my living room window yesterday. I sometimes use this space for fiction but this isn’t one of those times – I only wish it was. I didn’t hear the crash. It wasn’t until I heard the sirens that I looked out the window and saw the fire trucks, ambulances, police cars,Continue reading “Four Dead in Spuyten Duyvil”