The Magician – Flash Fiction Friday – FHONY #4

The magician came to a stop at the southwest corner of 42nd and 5th. His cape continued to swirl while he waited for it to settle into deathly stillness around his shoulders. The wind, howling up the avenue, spoiling for a fight, pushed its way through the bags and coats of the great mass ofContinue reading “The Magician – Flash Fiction Friday – FHONY #4”

Mike’s Musical Monday – Scared

This song is almost 30 years old. It reminds me of Phil Ochs. Not because it sounds like his music but because of the annoying way it stays relevant. I’m scared of youAfraid that you’ll touch meAfraid that you won’tAfraid that you already have and I don’t even know I want youI want you toContinue reading “Mike’s Musical Monday – Scared”

Flash Fiction Friday – FHONY#3 – Impaired

Impaired. That’s the word most frequently used to describe Suzette. Handicapped rubbed people the wrong way and blind was too blunt. So she was visually impaired. In more ways than one, she thought. The little she could see of the thing in the mirror she’d prefer not to. But she was blind. Legally blind. SheContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – FHONY#3 – Impaired”

The Winter Games

  Enthusiasm is infectious. Like winning or crying or panicking. It’s also one of the few things that doesn’t get brittle in this season of short days and long nights. The Olympics generate a lot of enthusiasm in a specialized population that spreads across the globe. Many participants have dedicated themselves to their sport sinceContinue reading “The Winter Games”