One Day (At A Time)

I’m running a little low on inspiration this week. It happens. It’s not like I’m not surrounded by towering mountains of inspiration, because I am, but sometimes it’s hard to see the mountains through the fog. The one constant source of inspiration, invisible as the air and unthinking as a beating heart, is love. SoContinue reading “One Day (At A Time)”

Social Disease

Among the great songwriting teams of the 20th Century, your Rogers and Hammersteins, your Lennon and McCartneys, you’ve got to include the two who wrote this song: Words by Bernie Taupin & Music by Elton John. I think it’s fair to say that I’m one of the world’s worst banjo players. That’s not self-deprecating humorContinue reading “Social Disease”

Serge – Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY) #9

  Serge was a poet. Not the kind who wrote poetry, or wrote anything at all, but the kind who looked at the same world you and I do and saw something different. Where we saw trees and clouds and each other he saw oaken towers, silver linings, and all the things we pretend we’reContinue reading “Serge – Fictional Humans of New York (FHONY) #9”

The Second Coming

There’s a unique paranoia to 21st Century life. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that when you’re in public, especially in a city, your actions are being filmed. Observed. Monitored by agents of both the government and the corporations that own it. After all, if you’ve got nothing to hide… Imagine this: You have traveled backContinue reading “The Second Coming”