Year: 2022

  • Compulsions 1 – The Crack of Dawn

    Compulsions 1 – The Crack of Dawn

    All of the songs on my new album were written during some strange days. First, a global pandemic took the lives of 6 million people (and counting) with a disproportionate number coming from my own country. About one year into the pandemic, in March of 2020, the vaccine started to get into the arms of […]

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  • Compulsions


    There are things we do because we want to do them Others because we feel an obligation And then there are things we do without knowing why we do them, because we feel compelled. There is an article of faith in schools of philosophy and spirituality that says the path to freedom and enlightenment comes […]

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  • Again (last night)

    Again (last night)

    I dreamed of you again last night I kind of wish I didn’t now I kind of wish I didn’t know That kind of wish I think about you too much still And wonder if I always will I wonder if something can kill That kind of thought A hole keeps growing in my heart […]

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  • Vote!


    As we come down to the wire this election day, our country desperately needs its young people to vote. People in their 50s, 60s, and 70s WILL be voting and they will be voting for the world they grew up in, a world that doesn’t exist anymore. It is dangerous and irresponsible to let their […]

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  • Music


    Music isn’t just singing and the playing of instruments It is wind and water It even lives in silence It is the silence of a leaf falling in the dirt and two tender hearts falling for each other I hear it when I am talking to myself She plays her voice like a violin and […]

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