Year: 2022

  • Christmas Presence

    Christmas Presence

    I got your Christmas present At least I think it was from you You put it where the world could see Your love alive and wild and free At least I think it was for me It wasn’t underneath the tree I found it in that quiet place Where our dreams go when we’re awake

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  • A Charming Journey

    A Charming Journey

    Today’s review of my new album comes from the kind pen of Gabriel Mazza at YMX Group. Emerging from New York, Mike Power is the latest in a series of talented American storytellers, building delicate and melodious lyrical content over a simple yet nuanced instrumental. For Power, lyrics are relatable matter: sharing introspective takes on the human…

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  • An Irresistible Album

    An Irresistible Album

    “Compulsions” an irresistible album, created by Mike Power. A review by Amanda Costa at Music For All. Savor the incredible tones that Mike Power ‘s Compulsions album paints, to your delight and fascination in 8 songs endowed with mastery and splendor, with contributions from Reed Black on production, Luke Cissell on violin, Julie Rozansky on bass and Chris DeRosa…

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  • Groovy Reviewvy

    Groovy Reviewvy

    Here’s the first review of my new album, Compulsions, from Sinusoidal Music: Mike Power is an ardent singer, songwriter, and bassist from the city of New York. Mike is no stranger to the music scene in NYC and has been around for a long time. Mike is an amazing artist who gains influence from the…

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  • Interview


    Here’s an interview I did with Dizzy Storms about my new album, and music in general. You can find out more about Dizzy on her blog at DJ Interviews: Mike Power  How’d you get started in music? I recently found an old diary from when I was 15 and read about how I first…

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