Year: 2021

  • Bloggiversary 2021

    Another year, another number. Eight years ago today this blog was launched and now, 983 posts later, is another chance to consider the consequences of the passage of time. I am on my third day job since starting this blog, with dimming prospects from making a living from my more creative pursuits. Still, the inescapable […]

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  • Eclipse

    Last night, for a few hours, Earth insinuated itself between the sun and the moon. It got me thinking that the alignment of celestial bodies is a sign from the universe that other realignments might be possible. I have been around long enough and travelled far enough to see much of the beauty on this […]

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  • The Unknown Soldier

    100 years ago, the United States chose to commemorate a different kind of soldier. Not the hero whose exploits were known and witnessed and reported. Not the child whose parents kept a photo on their of the soldier they would never see alive again. Instead, the place of honor in Arlington National Cemetery would go […]

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  • Genius in our Midst: Billy Bragg

    In 1983, Billy Bragg released his first album, Life’s a Riot with Spy vs. Spy, unleashing his ferocious talent on the music world. In acts of pure alchemy, he merges the rough-edged punk of The Clash with the earnest protest folk of Phil Ochs and sprinkles his songwriting with a unique perspective on the relationship […]

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  • the foundation

    The foundation hasn’t collapsed yet but the pillars that are holding it up are getting wobbly. The sun is still holding us in its orbit, giving away its rides for free, and hiding its face from the darkness at night. Some things are still sour and others still sweet. Morning makes me feel like anything […]

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