Year: 2021

  • It’s Gonna Take A Miracle

    There are four days left in the term of the worst president in American history. While the nation reels from the worst healthcare disaster in a century, festering due to the lethal combination of his lack of interest and incompetence, our chief executive is spending his final days in office collecting money from his fellow…

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  • Plague Diary – Day 299

    Total confirmed cases in US: 21,901,084 Today is December 40, 2020. When I ended my plague diary on May 9, the US had just passed the million case mark. We now have twice as many cases as any other country on Earth. More people are dying each day in America than were killed on September…

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  • Insurrection

    In light of the attack by right wing terrorists yesterday, Americans need to stop spreading lies that are feeding this delusional mob and damaging our republic. These lies can no longer be tolerated by any who consider themselves patriotic Americans: 1. Donald Trump won the 2020 election 2. There is massive voter fraud in America…

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  • Georgia on my mind

    Georgia, Georgia No peace I find Just an old sweet song Keeps Georgia on my mind Georgia A song of you Comes so sweet and clear Like the moonlight through the pines Other arms reach out to me Other eyes smile tenderly Still in peaceful dreams I see The road leads back to you

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