Year: 2020

  • The Great Evaporation

    Dark forces want us to believethey can measure our worthwith numbers preceded by symbols of currencyor numbers followed by years Rivers and oak trees they also thinkcan be reduced to equationsand gods require sacrificeand death is more end than beginning But all the power they think they haveis more illusion than factand all of our […]

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  • Bottlecaps and Flagpoles

    I We went to the place where the whale was pretending that she was really a dolphin. Where distance is measured in beanbags and holes, and time is measured in bottlecaps. II We each told the story of how we became the vulnerable creatures we are. We loosened our lips with blue label pumpkins and […]

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  • New Species of Games

    I We went to the place where sins are best forgiven by the passage of time (like every place). Where we felt a strange pride in holding ourselves together against such overwhelming odds. We struggled with strangers almost as strongly as we did with the strangers within. II We cut our words into puzzle pieces […]

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  • Out-of-tune guitars

    I was born on a hilland I must have rolled a long way down to get hereThe bell that used to ring in the towerwent quiet a long time agoSo now the only way we acknowledge thepassage of time and thefeast of the saints and thetotal eclipse of the sun is without-of-tune guitars She was […]

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  • Believing is Seeing

    Maybe we’ve had it backwards all along. It wouldn’t be the first time. Maybe Ralph Hodgson is the one who had it right: Some things have to be believed to be seen These are discouraging days in a lot of ways and it is very easy to lose faith in our government, our media, and […]

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