Year: 2020

  • Observations – Track 1

    Track 1 – It Ain’t No Good To Me In which my old bandmate from Racy Dates, Nancy, comes out of retirement and nails her part in one take. I have sung with a lot of people over the years but never enjoyed any of them more than her. There is something special about singing […]

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  • Observations

    Music is magic Each song is its own magic spell Some of us are more susceptible than others to this form of magic and most of us are more likely to fall into a trance under certain types of spells – jazz, country, hip-hop, classical, blues, rock – while other types have no effect. In […]

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  • Music 101: Observation

    The final lesson in Mr. Mike’s Remote Learning Experience is for the more advanced student. Before attempting to undertake this one, you should have mastered at least one of the preceding lessons, namely: Gratitude, Grace, Humility, Patience, Humor, or Passion. If you have not mastered any of these, you should think long and hard about […]

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  • Thirty Eight

    At some point in my childhood I realized that if my life had an average length I would live to see the 21st Century and doing the simple math I realized that I would enter the new century in my 38th year. From my perspective at that age, 38 sounded pretty old, but from where […]

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