Year: 2020

  • I like people…

    I have my body I have my love I have my hunger and thirst I have a trunkload full of memories And a few tidy piles of illusions I have columns of numbers that don’t add up And wings that never learned how to fly I have mirrors that don’t reflect a thing And mountains […]

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  • Your Morning Routine

    I bet you smell nice Warm with sleep In the moments before you wake I wish I could see your Morning routine And catch your first smile of the day I hope that it’s warm Where you are And the air as soft and as sweet As the thoughts that linger in Memories of our […]

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  • The Thaw

    There are no clouds in the sky this morning The birds are flying free The sun is giving gentle light and trying its best with the warmth The planet turns, the grasses grow through snow and even concrete’s cracks Maybe the hard things need some breaking up Maybe the time has finally come to bring […]

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  • Time

    We all know the terrible things that time can do to us. But if we are smart, and curious, and kind-hearted, and more than a little bit lucky, time can also do wonderful things.  

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  • Magdalena (live)

    Do you ever continue to believe in something, even after you find out it doesn’t exist? I do it all the time. This song is called Magdalena…   I know Magdalena’s not real but I still remember how she made me feel it’s a lie no truth can conceal and I miss Magdalena oh yea, […]

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