Year: 2020

  • Tripping

    A funny thing or two happened on my way home from a reading last week. After spending the evening with two of my favorite people in the world, having dinner and listening to poetry and music at the Bowery Poetry Club, I got on the train to go home and looked at my phone. An…

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  • A Reading

    Last Sunday I fell on my face. Not figuratively, which would have been worse, but literally. I was taking the stage at Bowery Poetry when I tripped on the stairs and fell down, my glasses skittering off into the shadows. That might explain the slightly stricken look on my face. Here is the poem I…

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  • When you’re gone

    Your flashing eyes and squeaky laugh have left their impression on my heart Not terribly deep and perfectly impermanent Still I know I’ll miss them when you’re gone

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  • The Impossible Piece

    The Stoics say, “the obstacle is the path” and that is a good observation for writers to learn. Sometimes a story is just a pile of pieces that don’t fit together, or more like a puzzle that you know fits together – because you trust the people who manufacture the product – but you can’t…

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  • Waiting

    I’m waiting again but this time it’s good. This time it’s fine. This time it’s like I planned it all along. Waiting around gives me some time to think. To think about what I might like to drink but other things too, other than you. Other than you and what you put me through. I…

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