Year: 2020

  • Bloggiversary 2020

    Seven years ago today I became a blogger. I had just quit a band that, in one incarnation or another, had included me as a member for about 30 years, and I needed a new creative project. So I blogged. I had been keeping a journal for a while before launching the blog and it […]

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  • The Lopsided Friendship and The Other Side

    She turned 30 a couple of months before we met. I turned 50 a few months before that. Consequently, ours was a lopsided friendship, kind of like riding a bike with a flat tire. She said things like, “I don’t want something to just get me through the night,” and I said things like, “I […]

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  • Veterans Day 2020

    This Veterans Day, let’s remember that every soldier to join forces under the American flag was risking their life for democracy – the right of all our people to have their say in who governs them. This year’s election saw the greatest percentage of American citizens to vote since 1968. In the middle of the […]

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  • America, the Beautiful

    One of the first things I thought of when I saw the spontaneous outpouring of emotion that followed the news that Joe Biden had defeated Donald Trump was the importance of music to the celebration. The power of music – to express joy, to comfort sorrow, to inspire the best in us – is overwhelming […]

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  • Vote For Me

    Two-Tone was a short-lived musical movement that came from the West Midlands of England, combining ska and punk in songs that are equal parts socially conscious and danceable. The two tones are black and white and the musical movement was virulently anti-racist, in sharp contrast to the skinhead punks, whose ranks included many white nationalists. […]

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