Year: 2020

  • Season of Women

    I don’t know too much About this new slow season of women But I’m afraid I’m going to learn Before I get a chance to catch my breath The questions that roll over me like the ocean rolling over an invisible whale are likely to drown me before I get a chance to swim away…

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  • 5:19

    Every day at 5:19 I run into somebody I haven’t seen in two and a half years or sometimes three and sometimes I don’t even know if it’s me But this time it is At least I’m pretty sure Although I have been sure before only to find out I was totally wrong Sometimes I…

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  • Caught by surprise

    I have known a lot of people and It would be easy to say that some were good and some were bad but nobody was either. The worst had good and the best had bad, had and have and will have again, over and over and over I have known a lot of passions and…

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  • Vicious Cycles

    When you’re looking for something that never will be found that’s when vicious cycles start coming around When every dream you ever had comes crashing to the ground that’s when vicious cycles start coming around When it starts with “I love you” and ends without a sound that’s when vicious cycles start coming around

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  • November Third

    Bending neither to the rain Nor to the wind Nor to snow nor to summer heat, Firm in body, yet Without greed, without anger, Always smiling serenely. Eating his four cups of rough rice a day With bean paste and a few vegetables, Never taking himself into account But seeing and hearing everything, Understanding And…

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